Meet our people

We’re a team of foodies, full to the brim with determination to create brilliant work that, well… works!


Claire Nutter  Owner

We’re straightforward, straight talking, and we don’t over complicate things. We’re full of expertise, not full of jargon.”

Claire is our MD and the owner of Cracked. Always working by her team’s side to get under the skin of a brief and deliver first class operational execution, Claire challenges us to go above and beyond the norm with her eye for detail, her endless energy, and her genuine love of working in partnership with our clients.


Janita Bold  Head of Client Services

“We are here to make your lives easier, to work as your partners, and to elevate your marketing. We will pull the punches, challenge your thinking, and deliver our best every time, because that is simply what we love to do.”

Janita has over 20 years’ experience in marketing, both agency and client side.  She removes barriers to deliver, and excels in a fast-paced, high-performance culture, taking our client’s visions and evolving them to the next level.


Cat Monaghan-Head  Head of Client Services

“We provide our clients with that expert extension to their own team. With marketeers from all areas of the food and hospitality world, a design team with an acute eye for detail, and a copy team who know how to entice a reader, we can turn our clients’ visions into reality.”

Cat has been in the food marketing world for 10 years, working in and leading central marketing teams, at both in-house and agency level. Whatever the vision, she knows how to get there. Whatever the challenge, she knows how to beat it — and she loves doing it!


Emma Eichhorn  Operations Director

“Cracked has an energy and momentum which is hard to find. We’re a close team who take pride in our exceptional talent and creativity.”

Emma adores the pace, energy, and thrill of a creative agency, and the immersive viewpoint of her role which she considers a privilege. She gets a kick out of building the business foundations from which energy, efficiency, and creativity can thrive.


Viraj Otu  Creative Design

“No idea is a bad idea here. The team is like nowhere else, and together can make any bad idea flourish into something inspiring.”

Viraj prides himself on not only creating design concepts that look great, but on using his experience that enables him to understand the synergy between what makes a design make sense and pushing boundaries and limitations that may be presented within a brand identity. His passion towards design is apparent in every piece he produces.


Amy Frost  Account Lead

“The end customer is always on our mind, and we have our finger firmly on the pulse to drive campaigns forward.”

Amy believes that content is king and is always thinking about how we can make it go further. With a degree in journalism, and years spent in publishing and events, means she has a keen eye for detail, is calm under pressure, and not afraid of a tight deadline.


Natalie Gander  Client Services

“Our flexibility, pace, and creativity are unmatched, and we give every piece of work everything we have.”

Nat is our resident planning and organising extraordinaire, who loves being super creative within her role and getting the Team Cracked juices flowing! She really enjoys driving projects to be the best they can possibly be; delivering on the financials, but also keeping the consumer experience close to heart.


Ellis Mahon  Senior Marketing Manager

“The team’s breadth of knowledge, industry insight, and operational experience equip us with the full-rounded marketing expertise needed to really make an impact with our clients.”                   

Ellis loves working in the projects department of Client Services as it means every day is different! Ellis has a wealth of knowledge and experience gearing towards developing marketing strategies for operationally led businesses, which is valuable when working with the wide variety of projects and clients.


Donald Rupal  Digital Lead

“Cracked is a team of empathetic, motivated, and exceptionally talented people who love what they do.”

Donald loves the challenge of unpicking a brief, understanding the what and why, then building a strategy to deliver on the how. Donald has over a decade of B2C and B2B multi-channel digital experience, having represented the biggest media brands in the Automotive and Motorsport sectors, adding an objective lens to our thinking!


Nicole Mackey  Creative Design

“We know the industry inside out and I really think it shows. It’s our knowledge and expertise that let us create the best results to any brief.”

Nicole’s passions lie in brand design and all its intricacies, and thrives on seeing nothing develop into something! She simply loves to create, and enjoys coming up with new ideas that make content easy to understand, are super-engaging, and that look great too.


Shanika Black  Creative Design

“We take an integrated approach to help our clients grow their brands and hit the sweet spot. It’s what we do and what we love. Great people, great clients, great work.”

Shanika specialises in integrated retail design. With over 20 years’ experience working with luxury brands and high street retailers, she brings a passion for trends, culture, competitors, users, and consumers.


Annaliese Le Seelleur  Client Services

“Our agility and fluidity allows us to work with our clients at a pace that their business needs demand.”

Annaliese is an expert plate-spinner. She takes large projects from the seedlings of an idea, right up to concept realisation, and manages all the working parts seemingly effortlessly. She loves that no two days are ever the same, and having many projects on her list keeps her creativity fresh!


Maria Honey  Client Services

The service we deliver to our clients matters. We are as passionate about excelling at the basics as we are the high-profile campaigns.”

Maria has extensive experience in Client and Project Management within Travel Retail & Experiential Marketing. She thrives in the agency life, working in a fast-paced environment where no one day is the same, and loves the opportunity for creativity, growth, and development.


Paul Sinnaeve  Creative Design

“We’re incredibly passionate about our work, and we always encourage each other to push our creative boundaries.”

Paul has over 15 years of experience working as a designer, and over 30 years as a food connoisseur, which have come together perfectly since working in the foodservice marketing industry. 

Claire B

Claire Baxter  Office Administrator

“Cracked goes above and beyond in every sense to produce the very best work for every client. It’s exciting being part of such a special team of talented individuals.”

Working in a thriving, energetic new business is what Claire enjoys most. She brings with her a wealth of experience in production, team management, and systems integration, stemming from a career in Children’s Book Publishing.  She’s helped creative businesses grow, and always takes an adaptable approach to an ever-changing environment. 


Alyssa van Zweel  Creative Design

“We explore the out-of-the-box ideas that capture the imagination and open up new lines of creative options, while always remaining on-brand for our clients.”

Alyssa loves working as part of our studio team to create engaging and visually striking designs for our client projects. An expert idea-generator, Alyssa is always sharing tips and tricks on how to bring our work to life and push concepts into the real world in new and unexpected ways!


Georgina Triniman  Marketing Manager

“We challenge our clients’ briefs, constantly question our ways of working, and aren’t afraid to think outside the box when delivering on campaigns.”

Georgina loves everything about food, from eating it, cooking it, to marketing it. She’s always on the lookout for new openings and trends that are emerging, particularly in street food. Bringing ideas to life that people can not only relate to, but experience every day and enjoy, is what it’s all about for her.


Beau  Junior Copywriter

“Our width of expertise, depth in knowledge, and enthusiasm to deliver great work gives us the ability to create memorable work that makes a lasting impression.”

Beau’s passion lies in finding the perfect phrase. It’s all about expressing a thought, feeling, or emotion, and articulating it in a way that cuts out the noise and strikes on something true. He’s also obsessed with coffee and has spent a few years working in and running coffeeshops.


Laura Kirk  Client Services

“We know our industry and our team inside out. This allows us to provide the best client experience possible – and have fun while doing it!”

A true foodie in every sense of the word. A former apprentice chef, Laura has experienced the food industry at its rawest level, and as a recent graduate of from Cardiff University, she loves bringing her experience and expertise to her role in the Cracked team, helping brands deliver their stories.


Kim Glazier  Creative Design