Meet our people

We’re a team of foodies, full to the brim with determination to create brilliant work that, well… works!


Claire Nutter  Owner

We’re straightforward, straight talking, and we don’t over complicate things. We’re full of expertise, not full of jargon.”

Claire is our MD and the owner of Cracked. Always working by her team’s side to get under the skin of a brief and deliver first class operational execution, Claire challenges us to go above and beyond the norm with her eye for detail, her endless energy, and her genuine love of working in partnership with our clients.


Becca Gibson  Client Services

“We pull on everyone’s skills to create amazing work that brings our clients vision to life and that their consumers love.”

Becca brings data and insight to life for results that aren’t just visually beautiful, but that have real substance too. Her love for the industry means she’s our go-to for all the newest restaurants and bar openings. Plus she isn’t afraid of a tight deadline — a great combination for agency life! 


Natalie Gander  Client Services

“Our flexibility, pace, and creativity are unmatched, and we give every piece of work everything we have.”

Nat is our resident planning and organising extraordinaire, who loves being super creative within her role and getting the Team Cracked juices flowing! She really enjoys driving projects to be the best they can possibly be; delivering on the financials, but also keeping the consumer experience close to heart.


Leigh Felstead  Creative Design

“Our combined creative team spirit, breadth of knowledge and skill mean we can unpick each brief to realise its full creative potential.”

Having spent over 16 years as a creative in the food and drink industry, Leigh brings this wealth of experience to Cracked in his leading of our creative studio, and in the execution of memorable, forward-thinking designs that wow our clients and speak to their strategic objectives.


Annaliese Le Seelleur  Client Services

“Our agility and fluidity allows us to work with our clients at a pace that their business needs demand.”

Annaliese is an expert plate-spinner. She takes large projects from the seedlings of an idea, right up to concept realisation, and manages all the working parts seemingly effortlessly. She loves that no two days are ever the same, and having many projects on her list keeps her creativity fresh!


Lucy Grogan  Copy & Content Creation

“Our clients trust us to create work that’s strategically successful but that also goes above and beyond what’s perceived as innovative, and I love helping to get them there!”

With almost a decade’s copy experience across many different mediums and a reputation as our team grammar nerd, Lucy genuinely thrives on crafting content with laser precision. She’s all about the written word, and loves creating anything that strikes a chord and gets to the heart of the audience. 


Zoe Cooper  Client Services

“Although we specialise in foodservice, that’s a pretty big remit, and it allows us to engage with a wide variety of companies and projects.”

Zoe loves to take our client’s visions and evolve them to the next level of strategic brilliance with her years of experience as a marketer both brand and agency side. She’s always on the pulse of the latest insight and looking for ways to move projects forward — all with a smile! 


Becky Mackenzie  Client Services

“We’re small but mighty, and we’re able to keep our fingers on the pulse of an ever-changing industry”

Becky recently graduated from the University of Nottingham with a degree in politics, but her time as a brand ambassador for a well-known iced coffee brand turned her head to the world of food and drink marketing. As part of our Client Experience team, Becky gets her teeth into our work with brilliant focus, always ensuring deadlines are met and expectations are exceeded! 


Nicole Mackey  Creative Design

“We know the industry inside out and I really think it shows. It’s our knowledge and expertise that let us create the best results to any brief.”

Nicole’s passions lie in brand design and all its intricacies, and thrives on seeing nothing develop into something! She simply loves to create, and enjoys coming up with new ideas that make content easy to understand, are super-engaging, and that look great too.


Alyssa van Zweel  Creative Design

“We explore the out-of-the-box ideas that capture the imagination and open up new lines of creative options, while always remaining on-brand for our clients.”

Alyssa loves working as part of our studio team to create engaging and visually striking designs for our client projects. An expert idea-generator, Alyssa is always sharing tips and tricks on how to bring our work to life and push concepts into the real world in new and unexpected ways!


Jo Walker  Executive Assistance

“We understand the needs of our clients, and generate the best quality work for them.”

Jo is all about supporting Cracked to help drive the business forward! She loves the spirit, variety, and ethos behind what we do, and enjoys seeing the abundance of creative energy that exudes from our team.


Joe Matthews  Client Services

“It’s our approach to communication that makes the whole process at Cracked seamless for our clients. From the initial brief, right through to the completed project.” 

Joe finds the variation in his client services and content role incredibly rewarding, especially when he can immerse himself in our clients’ worlds to create awesome work, and interact with their customers and consumers as part of their brands. He’s also a huge advocate of puns — the quirkier the better!


Marc Anderson  Creative Design

“We’re a hard-working, upbeat, well-balanced team here at Cracked, and I love being a part of it!”

Marc has worked as a creative in many different industries for several years. From telecoms, food and drink, and hospitality; he brings a wealth of experience to the team with his breadth of knowledge in various design roles and mediums across the board, no matter whether that’s in print, digital, or experiential marketing.


Kim Glazier  Creative Design


Maria Honey  Client Services