Sodexo: Foodiverse

The task

Foodiverse is a successful umbrella brand that was born out of Sodexo in the States, with an ambition to “create a food hall experience that delivers much more than food to our consumers, and becomes the industry reference for the future of multi-outlet food environments.” The concept includes several curated stalls developed specifically for the workplace environment. Having seen its continued success across the pond, Sodexo recruited Team Cracked to adapt the Foodiverse brand for the UK market, with a focus on workplace and university locations.


We were in it from the start, joining the internal immersion session alongside Sodexo colleagues as an extension to their team, owning the creative work stream, and aligning to the Sodexo AGILE framework in our ways of working.

The solution

Tasked with producing the tone of voice guidelines, we re-aligned the Foodiverse tone of voice for the new audience and anglicised the proposition and values to fit the UK marketplace. We also identified the core food offers that would sit directly beneath the Foodiverse umbrella as individual operating offers — Yard Bird (chicken), Patty Shack (burger), Kati Baba (Indian), Mulberry Street (deli) and Bam Bam (Asian) — and worked those up creatively for launch too, all while supporting the team with the internal immersion launch event!

“Cracked are sympathetic to the chaos of our industry, and never treat us like ‘the client.’ It’s a partnership where we work in tandem together.””

Emily Bird, Service Development Manager, Sodexo

The results

  • Client presentation and full value proposition for Foodiverse.
  • Full suite of concept offers, each with a story and values, marketing point-of-sale, photography and stop motion animations.
  • Successful retention of pioneer university contract.