The task

When one of Europe’s biggest beverage brands, Heineken, came up with a new, top-secret concept, the idea required the implementation of invaluable but confidential customer input for a real insight into how their latest concept would launch in the UK hospitality marketplace. We were tasked with testing Heineken’s commercial plan against the views of their potential customer base.

Utilising real customer feedback to challenge assumptions and refine the commercial go-to-market plan.

The solution

We recognised that the best way to gain genuinely useful feedback with depth and detail was to ask the right questions of a small, select, sample set of businesses. We dug deep into our network of contacts and carried out background research to identify 15 influential individuals and contributors. We carried out qualitative face-to-face and telephone interviews with the people we’d identified across multiple customer types and functions. We showed them a product video and clarified how they’d expect the new concept to be delivered to market, including the commercial model, maintenance and support framework, point-of-sale and marketing support, and route to market delivery.

“In a very strategically important innovation launch for a global brewer, Cracked were able to challenge, test, validate and build on some of the assumptions we’d made. Their commercial catering expertise, plus their research, gave us really valuable insight that addressed all parts of the launch strategy.”

Ross Mair, Customer Marketing Manager

The results

  • Discreet discussions with tightly targeted decision-makers
  • A presentation of findings, plus recommendations
  • Vital commercial insights allowing Heineken to finalise its offer.