Bridge Valley Group

The task

Bridge Valley Group, a regional family-owned hot beverages company, had big plans for new products and services, but no in-house marketing resource after an office relocation. Enter Cracked! It transpired that they didn’t just require us to advise on their day-to-day marketing, they also needed our strategic guidance in helping them to realise their exciting growth aspirations.

We created a two-phase plan based on real market insight, designed to support the controlled growth of the business.

The solution

The successful launch of innovative concepts requires real market insight, so the first phase of our plan was to carry out detailed research into hot beverage trends, consumer behaviours and competitors, including qualitative and quantitative research with their existing clients. This allowed us to map out short and long-term recommendations, with the second phase culminating in a complete annual and seasonal marketing plan and budget, including campaign creation, new literature, customer communications and social media plans. We even rebranded their ‘Coffee Tower’ concept and devised a new revenue share model that opened up new opportunities by reducing commercial risk to clients and help balance profits.

“We’d used marketing companies before with limited success. With Cracked, we got so much more. Their input extended to conceptual, structural, commercial and strategic advice. They added value with their concept clarification and branding design, which wouldn’t have been possible without establishing where we fit in the marketplace.”

Darryl Devenish – Managing Director

The results

  • Detailed market insights to guide strategy
  • Qualified customer insights to shape future plans
  • Rebranded concept suited to a wider market
  • New coffee machine revenue share model for new markets and broader appeal.